Lourens Rozema

Lourens is a self-taught software programmer with more then 25 years experience in writing tons of code in various languages and architectures. For the past 20 years he has been an entrepreneur with education in electronics engineering. Most of his experience is with the internet of things. He has successfully started, maintained and sold various companies, a.o. Blue Melon, Embed Engineering B.V., Omnidots B.V. and InnoSum B.V..

His overclocked super-analytical code generating mind is available to help you:

His INTJ personality with additional people-skills works well running a team while still accepting an existing company culture. His preference goes out to CTO level jobs or coaching them.

If you need a strategically capable electronics and embedded software architect then contact him via his LinkedIn or Github profile.

If you are looking for his very outdated previous website it is still online.

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